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I started going to see Jane when I had read that Reflexology can help with regulating cycles and trying to conceive. 

Myself and my partner had been trying to have a family for about a year, but with irregular cycles I decided to give an alternative therapy a go. 

I luckily live locally to Jane, and begun regular sessions. Seeing her weekly, I found the reflexology very relaxing, which also I believe aided my cycles to regulate. 

After about 9 months of seeing Jane for weekly sessions my cycles massively improved. 

Although we went on to have two (failed) ivf rounds (which later led to a surprise yet wonderful pregnancy , and now our beautiful Miracle daughter!) .

I would most definitely recommend Jane & her reflexology to anyone whom is unfortunately going through fertility problems. 

Not only do I believe it helps, it most definitely relaxes you. 

Jane is a wonderful lady & makes you feel at home in her working environment.