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I’m 28 years old. I started to take the contraceptive pill at the age of 18 which was recommended by my doctor to give me regular periods as my cycles were very irregular – months apart. I had started my periods just before my sixteenth birthday. I believe they were brought on by shock. 

I came off the pill 4 and a half years ago and after a year of a non-existent cycle (3 periods) and complaining of pains in the bottom right hand side of my abdomen I had a laparoscopy which revealed nothing. I was diagnosed as having an exceptional hormone imbalance. I started to take the fertility drug ‘clomid’ which was successful but unfortunately I miscarried at six weeks. I had previously got pregnant while on the pill but had also miscarried at 9 weeks. 

I started to see a specialist in March 1999 at Torbay Hospital where I had a nycosy (dye injected through fallopian tubes) which was clear. I was informed I had a condition called ‘Polycystic Ovary Syndrome’ which was very common. I was told I would find it difficult to conceive without help, so I started on a course of injections to stimulate the follicles to grow. I had three months of injections which proved unsuccessful, my next option was to have holes drilled into my ovaries. Whilst waiting for the operation I was given Jane Holt’s telephone number by somebody who had heard of the good work Jane had done. I saw Jane on August 29 th 1999 for my first session. The session involved Jane working on different areas of my feet, which I found really quite uncomfortable, actually painful! 

On a scale of one to ten the pain was definitely a ten! After two more visits I had a period after 48 days, the length of the cycle was no different to the previous, but the period was more normal, it lasted four days rather than two and was clot free and I felt much better than usual. 

After two more visits to Jane the painful areas on my feet had reduced dramatically. On a scale of one to ten they had been reduced to two or threes, it was amazing! 

Even more amazing one week later I did a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it! I am now almost eighteen weeks pregnant and everything is fine, the baby has a strong heartbeat and is starting to move around! 

It is amazing, and I believe it is all down to Jane Holt and her expertise and knowledge of reflexology.